Milne Forensic Services Inc.

Forensic Services and Litigation Support

Our Approach to Engagements

Today’s legal matters often involve complex accounting, tax and financial issues requiring a Chartered Accountant who analyzes and communicates the technical aspects of business transactions. With over thirty years of providing accounting, consulting and taxation services to private companies, Mr. Milne is well versed in the special ways in which these types of companies operate. This knowledge and experience allows him to distill vast amounts of financial data into concise summaries which illuminate the issues at hand.
When preparing independent expert reports the firm strives to use the utmost in professional care and to substantiate any conclusions. Evidence alone does not always win a court case, sometimes; you need an expert witness to remove doubt from the minds of the jury. Our report opinions are clear, concise and based on a complete and balanced consideration of relevant factors and supporting evidence which can be readily understood by a judge, jury or arbitrator. The reports are prepared in accordance with the professional standards of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants.